Michelle will change the way you love!

As a divorce attorney for over twenty years, Michelle observed first hand the reasons for the demise of over one-half of all marriages. She has taken her vast experience in the world of breakups, heartbreak, betrayal and the re-launching of love, and written the quintessential guide to change the way women love.
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The Dang Factor

A book to change the way you love, and love the way you change!

The Dang Factor a main course of empowerment with a side dish of accountability. It is about inspiring and motivating women everywhere to evaluate the state of their love life and make the changes necessary to find, restore, and keep passionate love in their lives. It is about changing the way women love and learning to un-love and move forward when a relationship does not go according to plan. 

The Dang Factor is about guiding women to steer their own ship into their personal harbor of happiness. It is about looking inward so you can finally look outward at the current state of your relationship. It is about bringing the almighty DANG back into your relationship and the revival of your self-love. It is about lessons on leaving a love that is not well suited to you and nurturing a love that is. The Dang Factor is about taking stock in you and settling for no less than adoring and mutual love from your partner. It is about being fortunate enough to have the opportunity to disassemble and rearrange your life and fill your soul with good love.  Read More

The Dang Factor

Available March 2018

The Dude Factor

The Dude Factor is a man’s guide to The Dang FactorThe Dude Factor is a straightforward lesson for men on finding and preserving deep, passionate love! My message to men is simple: Be a Good Dude and the passion will happen!

If you are a good dude and there is no passion in your relationship, either you need a quick refresher course on love or you simply may need to reevaluate your Dang status. Either way, The Dude Factor will chart your short course to blissful and satisfying love! 

Available March 2018

The Profile Factor

The Profile Factor is your roadmap to finding the love of your life! The Profile Factor was written to inspire every person who is single and desires love to never give up on their dream of marriage, parenthood, or remarriage after a split. No one is more familiar with online dating than I am. I breathe what I bitch. I put time, effort and energy into finding love and rearranging my life. I dusted myself off after some bad dates and relationship experiences and got back on my laptop. I never gave up on finding love and it is my mission to make sure you never, ever give up on finding damn good love.

Coming 2018

Marriage is F***ing hard!

My current marriage of ten years is pretty damn awesome, but let me tell you, it is f***ing hard. I am continually amazed at the number of people who are envious at the ease of my marriage. I have many friends who swoon over my marriage and assume that because I met...

How to Date like a Dude

We women have it all wrong when it comes to dating. As, women, we tend to be quite compliant with the traditional rules of dating. You know the rules: You meet a guy. Things are going well after the second or third date. You have sex with him. He wants you to be...

Breakups Can Be Beautiful

I love a good breakup. Sure, a breakup can come with a ton of emotions, most of them gut wrenching, tear producing, “How will I survive this,” kind of pain. In the long run, however, a breakup can be a beautiful thing for both parties. A break up is an opportunity to...

Comfort Love: How Comfortable is too Comfortable?

While driving down the freeway recently, I stumbled upon a radio talk show host and listened in dismay as she praised the virtues of “Comfort Love.” If you were anywhere near my car, you likely heard me screaming at the radio and shaking my head at the misguided...

dang (dáng) n. [orig. a beach in Del Mar, CA]

1. a. A person toward whom you feel intense affection and a sexual attraction.

b. A partner whom you love to be around and miss when they are gone.

c. Someone you look at and think to yourself: DANG! You dig him! You think he is hot.  You admire him. You respect him. You love to touch him. And you want to be close to him.

d. A partner who makes your vagina tingle.