Michelle Answers your Questions

What is your mission in The Dang Factor?

My mission is to inspire couples to talk to each other about the current state of their relationship. My objective is to have individuals identify the level of “Dang” in past, present, and future relationships. I want couples to recognize when the Dang is non-existent or better yet, how to bring the Dang back into their relationship.

I want to empower women to take control of their love life and guide women to steer their own ship into the harbor of blissful love. I want to inspire women to stay focused on their life goals of motherhood and marriage and not spend countless years auditioning for the role of wife with a partner who ultimately will not commit to her. I want to motivate women to make good decisions about love during their lifetime so when they reach their deathbed, it is a moment of content refection at the way they loved and were loved.

I want couples everywhere to experience the fabulous slice of “Dang” in life and settle for nothing less than adoring and mutual love.

What are your credentials that support The Dang Factor and The Factor Series books?

I have been an attorney since 1993. I am licensed to practice law in the State of California. I have over twenty (20) years of experience in the area of divorce and family law. I have witnessed first hand the reasons for the demise of over fifty percent (50%) of all marriages throughout the United States.

In addition, as part of my expansive research for The Dang Factor, I conducted over 4,000 interviews. I personally spoke with 2,000 men and 2,016 women about things I needed to know in order to write The Dang Factor. No topic was off limits as I interviewed both men and women from every walk of life. From the young and the old to the rich and the poor, these men and women, both single and married, let their hearts and souls speak to me about their past, present and future relationships.

Most importantly, I live the Dang life. Although far from easy, I switched up and rearranged my life to search out a love I had been missing in my life. I took a chance. I paid my dues. I put the time in. I got down in the trenches and searched for what I wanted out of life. I live what I nag about. I breathe what I bitch. I am the success story on love and I want my readers to feel inspired, motivated and empowered to find and keep passionate love in their lives.

What are the titles of the books in “The Factor Series” to date?

The Factor Series consists of four books to date. Included in The Factor Series are the following books:

  1. The Dang Factor
  2. The Dude Factor
  3. The Profile factor
  4. The Breakup Factor
What motivated you to write The Dang Factor?

My motivation for The Dang Factor came to me as I sat with my father on his deathbed. As I held his frail hand, he spoke of the many regrets he had about the way he had lived life.  My father passed away the following day and my life was forever changed.

I realized if I did not disassemble and rearrange the way I lived my life, I too, would have many deathbed regrets. I promptly ended my twenty-five year marriage and set out on a journey to find the elusive love that had been missing in my life. The Dang Factor chronicles my discovery of a phenomenon now called “The Dang Factor.”