Living the Dang Life

I have been a Divorce attorney for over twenty years who has primarily represented men in the divorce process. I have witnessed first hand the reasons for the demise of over 50% of the marriages throughout the United States. My vast experience in the world of breakups, heartbreak, makeups and re-launching love is the reason I will change the way women love!

I have spent the past eight years conducting extensive research on the intricacies of love, commitment, faithfulness, and what really makes a relationship work. As part of my expansive research in writing The Dang Factor, I conducted more than four thousand interviews across the US. I personally spoke with two thousand men and two thousand and sixteen women about things I needed to know in order to write this book. No topics were off limits as I interviewed both men and women from every walk of life. From the young and the old to the rich and the poor, these men and women, both single and married, let their hearts and souls speak to me. Unfiltered and real, The Dang Factor represents every man and woman, but more importantly, it speaks the truth of Dang Good Love!

I live the Dang life. I switched up and rearranged my life to search out Good Love! I took a chance. I paid my dues. I put in the time. I got down in the trenches and searched for what I wanted in life. I live what I nag you about. I breathe what I bitch! I am the success story on love. Most importantly, my mission is to make your love story a headline in tomorrow’s news!

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My Story: How The Dang Factor Came to Life

Several years ago, I watched helplessly as my father lay on his deathbed and weakly told me he was not ready to die. As I held his hand, he told me he had never experienced love during his lifetime. Not just “love” as the word is so freely used, but real, passionate, rock your world, kind of love. My father whispered to me his many regrets as we sat together during his last twenty-four hours of life.

As he spoke to me, I saw my future self, lying on my deathbed, with the same sad regrets. Although I was in my twenty-fifth year of marriage, I too, had never really felt passionate love. My father died the following day and my world was forever changed. My father’s death breathed life into me. My twenty-five year marriage was the only world I had known but with the help of my father, I was finally able to step outside of my life and look inside at my life. My forty-four-year-old self did not like what she saw inside her life.  I made the decision to rearrange my deathbed. I left my marriage and journeyed into a world unknown.  My five-year quest to find love brought THE DANG FACTOR to life.

12 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. When I took the California Bar Exam in 1992, I was nine-months pregnant with my third child.
  2. I always sleep with my favorite pillow named “Squishy.”
  3. I eat chocolate frozen yogurt almost every day.
  4. I pack spray butter whenever I travel.
  5. My favorite wine is Chardonnay.
  6. My granddaughters call me “Mima Bela”
  7. I used to be a flight attendant.
  8. My favorite sport is snow-skiing.
  9. I once surfed with bat rays in Costa Rica.
  10. I am the only one in my family with blue eyes.
  11. My favorite TV show is “House Hunters International.”
  12. I tend to cuss like a Sailor but I am working on it!