Available March 2018

Michelle Afont is the Relationship Guru! As a divorce attorney for twenty years, Michelle observed first hand the reasons for the demise of over one-half of all marriages. She has taken her vast experience in the world of breakups, heartbreak, makeups and re-launching love, and written the quintessential guide to finding and keeping Dang Good Love!

As part of her expansive research forThe Dang Factor, Michelle personally conducted over four thousand interviews with men and women from every walk of life. From the young and the old to the rich and the poor, no topic was off limits! The men and women, both single and married, let their hearts and souls speak to Michelle about love, lust, and relationship fulfillment. Unfiltered and real, The Dang Factor represents every man and women, but more importantly, it speaks to the truth of discovering and preserving Dang Good vagina tingling love!

After she ended her 25-year marriage, Michelle disassembled and rearranged her life in search of a deep and passionate love she had never before experienced. She took a chance. She paid her dues. She put the time in.  She got down in the trenches and searched for what she wanted out of life. Michelle’s five-year journey led her to her “Dang” where, for the first time, she felt adoring and sexual love! Michelle has continued to live the life she nags you about in her best selling book, The Dang Factor. Michelle breathes what she bitches and is the success story on love! Her mission is to make your Dang Good Love a headline in tomorrow’s news!

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So what exactly is a Dang? A Dang is a partner that turns you on! A Dang is a partner whom you love to be around and miss when they are gone. A Dang is that little bit of pitter that continues to patter. And most importantly, your Dang is someone you look at and think to yourself: DANG! You dig him! You think he is hot. You admire him. You respect him. You love to touch him. And you want to have sex with him! Quite simply, to quote my dear friend, Stella: “He makes my vagina tingle.” Although Stella’s interpretation of her Dang made me laugh, she is spot on! Your Dang is a partner who does indeed, make your vagina tingle and come alive!

A Dang comes in every shape, size, and color. What may be one woman’s Dang will certainly not be your Dang. Your Dang is specific to YOU. Only you can know what it is about him that Dang’s you. Do not make the mistake of thinking your Dang has to have a ripped 8-pack for abs. Do not get hung up on thinking your Dang needs to have the perfect body or the perfect face. Do not get stuck thinking your Dang needs the perfect career or the perfect income. Your Dang does not need to come from the perfect family or drive the perfect car.   In fact, no Dang is ever going to be perfect. What matters is, he is perfectly suited to be YOUR Dang!


Men who cheat on their marriage


Married people who have settled and did not marry their "True love"


Married couples under 45 that are in sexless marriages.